Kimber's Breakfast 19 April 2009

At the start venue - Kimber's Breakfast 2009

Kimber's Breakfast start

Kimber's Breakfast start

Another year since MG founder and early leader, Cecil Kimber was born and another great celebration of his efforts on Sunday the 19th April. Not quite Cecil's birthday but the closest Sunday to it. I'm quite sure Cecil would have approved. Whether this is so or not, nearly a hundred of us had a wonderful breakfast.

North for us this time to Mills Lane where we often meet for Cammies day trials, a fitting place to start Cecil's run. It was great to see such a good crowd of all the right people and it was obvious I had not been alone in waxing the car on Saturday because all the cars looked magnificent. Marty Dunn got us signed in and gave us our run sheet, which had 7 questions on it. John Hancock briefed us and told us the crew answering the most questions correctly would be rewarded - what fun!

It was a short run to our venue, and we were directed to parking spaces by the Matakana Mafia Men (or Triple M boys) then trooped in to the dining room to welcoming coffee, tea etc, found a table, talked MG stuff for a bit then were called to breakfast so it was all particularly well organized.

Sue Martin gave us a brief run down on the founding of MG and the effort Cecil went to to earn a Land's End Rally Gold Medal in Old Number One. Welding up the cracked chassis the night before proves nothing has changed, all of us I'm sure, who have competed in rallies, have had similar long nights before and often during an event. She also showed us a knitted toy that Cecil's daughter Jean Cook made for her & Ernie's first grandchild. They must be a generous family.

Ross & Judy Hindman

Ross & Judy Hindman

Two crews Judy & Ross, and Andrew & Jenny answered the 7 questions correctly. Then it became obvious why there were 7 questions; the 8th was the decider. Owing to his great starting speed, which we have come to respect, Andrew answered the wrong question so he and Jenny were eliminated; meaning Judy and Ross Hindman are the first winning crew of the Kimber Trophy.

Our Kimber Trophy has come about because Cecil's step daughter, Bobby Walkinton, very generously, gave the club Cecil's scale and his patience card deck (which he must have needed to settle his angst after listening to Len Lord, at any time). Of course these are, for all MG lovers, priceless artifacts and Tony Bushell has mounted them in a beautiful wooden sculpture. It will be kept by the club and brought out for these annual breakfasts and other notable events. Very lovely to have, and a special treasure for our club.

Cecil Kimber Birthday Trophy

Cecil Kimber Birthday Trophy

Sadly Bobby passed away on the 26th April 2009, she was 89 years old. Helen & Clive Holloway report that she was pleased by our letter of appreciation.

Judy & Ross were presented with a fine bottle of wine by our President, Geoff Broadhead. So they do get their hands on something.

A great breakfast, another triumph for the Pre 56 register, who make the annual effort to stage this event. Thank you for a fabulous Sunday.

Kim Walker


The following story was published in the Rodney Times, 7th May 2009.

Celebrating MG founder
Bill Tutty's MG TF arriving at the Northbridge Golf Club
Classic marque: Cars lining up to enter the Northbridge property. In the front is a recently restored 1955 MG TF 1500.  That is followed by an MGA, an MGF, an MGTD, an MGTF and an MGB.

Members of the MG Car Club celebrated the 121st birthday of its founder, Cecil Kimber, at Northbridge Country Lodge in Wainui last weekend. Forty-four cars joined the run through south-east Rodney roads, including a 1932 J2, several TD's and TF's from the 1950's era and a number of MGA's. The MGA (1955 - 1962) was the first British sports car to exceed 100,000 sales. The popular MGB, MGBGT and MG Midget from the 1962-1980 era were well represented as was the modern MGF convertible, which made its debut in 1995, and the new MGTF, which first came into New Zealand in 2003.

Cecil Kimber, the visionary for this classic marque, was born in April 1888. He joined William Morris at Morris Garages in 1921, becoming General Manager in 1922. His first MG Super Sports, known affectionately as 'Old Number One', made its debut in the 1925 London to Lands End Trial.

The MG Marque has had many owners over the years, the latest being Nanging Automobile Corporation in China with the first Chinese-manufactured cars making their debut in 2007. Manufacture of the TF has recently returned to Longbridge in the UK.

Sue Courtney

The list of attendees:
Roy & Maureen BARKER Graeme & Terrie FISHER Graeme & Diane PATON
Richard & Janet BAKER Neil & Anne FOWLER Alton & Robin ROSS
John & Maxine BORCHARD John & Janet GRANT Tony SIMMONS
Vicky, Geoff & Cindy BROADHEAD Dave & Sue HAMP Roger & Janet SKIPPER
Lorraine BROWN John & Brenda HANCOCK Bev & Jane SMITH
Tony & Margaret BUSHELL Michael HARDMAN Rex & Sheryl THOMPSON
John & Val CAMPBELL Colin & Helen HARTWELL Bill & Raewyn TUTTY
Neil & Sue COURTNEY Norm & Nora HARVEY Colin & Cynthia UPCHURCH
Warrick & Pauline COVEY Judy & Ross HINDMAN Paul & Bronnie WALBRAN
Peter & Kathy CRAWFORD Don & Alison JAMIESON Ross & Patricia WALES
Tracy & Brian DALTON Elaine & Peter JOHNSON Kim WALKER & Kate STANTON
Gordon & Jan DEARLOVE Simon & Zena LOWTHER Bernie, Samanntha & Tineia WOOD
Dave & Gail DENTON Sue & Ernie MARTIN Jan & Willi STARKE
Martyn & Karen DUNN Jill & Bob McMURRAY Russel & Marie-Lois WARD
Collen & Warren EAST/DURLING John & Jenny  METFORD Andrew & Jennie WALBRAN
Keith & Anne FERGUSON Dale & Robert NELSON