Competitive Events

The Club runs a range of competitive events throughout the year, with typical examples below. This list is not comprehensive; on occasions the Club may organise other types of competitive events. Just keep an eye on the Club calendar!


A static display of well-presented MGs, judged on presentation and originality.

Some entrants spend countless hours cleaning, polishing and maintaining every single panel and chrome item, inside, outside and underneath on their pride and joy! Other owners are less dedicated…

A feast for the eyes to view MGs in their finest form.


A trial is a navigational exercise with detailed route instructions provided, and usually a few well-defined tricks and traps located along the way, providing an opportunity to test your route-finding and thinking skills!

Midget Trials (so named because of their shorter length) are held during the summer months and are about 1 - 1½ hours duration, usually concluding at a social venue for a refreshment and natter.

Longer trials may be up to half a day or so and are usually out of Auckland in the wide open spaces.

Ideally a crew of two is best, and remember to bring a watch, pen/pencil, clipboard and, if it is dark, a torch.


This is the perfect low-key introduction to motorsport for you and your MG, and an opportunity to improve your car control skills.

A short course, set up around a series of cones on either tarmac or grass, challenges drivers to test their car control skills against the stopwatch.

Come along and try a slalom, learn how to handbrake turn, perform a reverse flick and more manoeuvres while trying to get the quickest time! Old hands are always available to guide and assist you in mastering the various motorkhana courses available.

No special equipment is required, just you, your MG and a need for some tight turns, speed and fun!

Click here to view a motorkhana run, this one in an MG Midget!

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