MGA Register

The MGA Register (Auckland) is part of the existing MGA Register (New Zealand), which has been in existence for many years. The MGA Register (New Zealand) links to a worldwide group of MGA Registers and keeps a record of known MGAs throughout New Zealand.

The MGA Register includes all models of MGA, including Twin Cam and modified cars.

The purpose of this MGA Register is to:

  • assist owners to get the most pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment of owning and driving their MGA
  • discuss MGA technical issues, servicing and parts sourcing
  • to provide a platform for questions and advice to and from other MGA owners/drivers
  • to record and maintain ownership details of known MGAs in the MG Car Club (Auckland Centre), together with applicable engine number, chassis number and any modifications subsequent to original manufacture

Social activities for the MGA Register are provided through the Pre 56 Register of the MG Car Club (Auckland Centre), which is a register/group for MGs constructed or designed not later than 1956.

The MGA Register will occasionally issue an electronic newsletter via this site where the above and other matters are discussed.

Rex Thompson 

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Registered cars

Click here to display a list of known MGA vehicles. Please check the details showing if you own an MGA.


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Register contacts:

General enquiries - Rex Thompson 09 422 9209
Vehicle historian - Martyn Dunn 09 817 6922
Technical - Graeme Fisher 09 425 9927
Twin Cam group - Tony Simmons 09 627 2900

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