Speed Events


A sprint is the easiest of speed events and are an excellent gauge of a car’s performance. You get the opportunity to drive, usually on a race track, at a speed that is comfortable to you! 

There are several types of sprint that are organised, depending on the available venue. Single car sprints have cars starting individually, although please note that there may be multiple cars on the track at the same time and  passing is not normally allowed. Dual car sprints have cars starting in pairs and passing may or not be allowed, depending on the venue.

Where possible we endeavour to group cars and drivers, dependent on car performance and driver experience.

A sprint can either be a 'straight sprint' or 'bent sprint' (a maximum 400 metres) - and are held at a variety of venues.

Altogether an excellent way to experience your MG at speed without venturing into full-on circuit racing!


An autocross is a slightly more advanced speed event, but lots of fun.

A short course is set up on grass, usually in a ‘figure of eight’ around a series of stakes, so there is no need to worry about hitting anything - it is one car at a time against the clock!

See what an autocross is all about - view this short video of Darryl Bretherton at the Easter Inter-centre Rally 2009.


A hillclimb is a more serious motorsport speed event. It is usually held on a tarmac surface, often a road that has been temporarily closed to the public. The course can be from 1 - 5 km long, depending on the venue. It is one car at a time against the stopwatch. You can be as serious or as casual as you like, although the margin for error is less than for the more low-key speed events.

From the fully roll-caged, high performance competitors to the folk who just want to see how far they can push their standard vehicle - everyone has a ball!

See what a hillclimb is all about - view this short video of the MGCC hillclimb at Otaua, South Auckland, February 2011 (courtesy of Amy Bowyer)

Circuit Racing

Many members take the opportunity to enjoy driving their MG on a race track. There are several options available for those who are interested:

MG Race Series - for the full-on MG racer, fast and furious, this series is held at various race tracks throughout the North Island. Yes, a race series only for MGs!

There are also opportunities to join in other motorsport race series via Motorsport New Zealand.

Click here to view MG circuit racing - courtesy of Grant Kern's MG V8 Racing channel on Youtube!

Classic Trials - for those who want to enjoy the race track without the same pressure of serious racing! You nominate a lap time and the driver closest to their nominated lap time over three laps is the winner. So you are only racing yourself!

Click here for all the information, results and latest newsletters for the Classic Trial Register

Driver Training - a once-a-year opportunity with the Club to learn how to drive on a race track with guidance from an experienced race car driver.

Circuit Sprints - these are either single or dual car sprints on a race track. Cars are started singly or as a pair, and generally no overtaking is allowed. 

The above are all great options to enjoy your MG in true motorsport style!

Safety Requirements

For sprint, autocross or hillclimb events, cars must comply with basic safety regulations, and the minimum driver safety equipment is an approved helmet and overalls. Some events may also require a roll bar for open cars, and a fitted fire extinguisher. More advanced events such as hillclimbs or racing require a Motorsport New Zealand Clubsport license. The event organiser will advise the particular safety equipment and licenses required for an event.

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