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The New Zealand V8 Register began in July 2015 with the gathering of information on any V8 powered MG. This includes the factory produced BGT, Costello and other conversions, ZT260, RV8, race cars and XPower SV. Our aim is to foster interest in V8 models regarding technical advice, social events and sharing information for the benefit of V8 owners.

The MG V8 story really started when English engineer Ken Costello began putting the Rover 3500cc motor into MGB roadster and GT cars. This turned out to be such a great conversion, increasing the power of a standard 1800cc car by 40% or more with no detriment to the handling, that Abingdon engineers asked the question, "Why can't we do that?" The answer of course was that they could, and so in 1973 the first factory built MGBGT V8 rolled off the assembly line. The new model received good reviews from the motoring press and was seen as a true GT car as it still is today. In 1992 the MGR V8 was put into production, being an updated MGB in roadster form only, having the 3900cc Rover fuel injected motor and five speed gearbox making it a very potent sports car. The ZT and ZT-T cars were next, sporting the Ford Mustang V8 power plant, creating a thoroughly modern high performance MG, and finally, the XPower SV based on the Qvale Mangusta which was based on the De Tomaso Bigua, a true MG supercar.

Many home garage or professional conversions have also been completed mainly to the MGB and MGBGT, giving new life to the old four cylinder cars and making for effortless highway cruising at low revs and acceleration that is still impressive today.

We have more than eighty MGV8 cars on the Register and are still finding more to boost that number. This information is being constantly updated and we ask you to please keep us up to date on the details of your car or any others you may know.

Please contact, Col Minton or Michael McCowan, if you require any further information or assistance and we will be pleased to help.

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