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The Triple-M Register caters for MG Midgets, Magnettes and Magna (hence 'Triple-M') sportscars produced between 1929 and 1936. The Midgets powered by single overhead cam, four cylinder motors and the Magnettes and Magnas by six-cylinder overhead cam motors. These cars were produced at the Abingdon factory in small numbers. A production run of 2,000 was a 'mass' production run! These small sports cars enjoyed enormous success in competitions in Europe when they were new and also when exported to Commonwealth countries such as Australia.

Please note that a separate Register is maintained for owners of S,V & W Type MGs. These cars are all saloon cars many of which were produced during the same period as the Triple-M cars, but because they are not powered by OHC (over head cam) motors they are not regarded as Triple-M cars.

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