Starting Problems with your MG…

On post '76 models , when the key is turned to the 'ON' position there should be a click from the ignition relay.

Except for the '69 model which doesn't have a starter relay, all 'B's have a pre-engaged starter and when the key is turned to the 'START' position a relay activates the starter solenoid and the starter motor turns, and the engine will start - hopefully...

If things are not what they're supposed to be and it doesn't start the following may help you analyse the problem.

  1. If there is a light 'click' when the key is turned then the starter relay is being activated, but, it may not be activating the solenoid, or the solenoid is faulty.
  2. If there is a loud 'clonk' and the engine doesn't turn over then either the starter solenoid or starter motor is faulty.
  3. If there is no 'clonk' or 'click' then the problem could be the ignition switch, or a faulty relay.
  4. If there is a rattling noise like a machine gun from the starter, then the earth wire inside the solenoid could be broken off. The solenoid can be removed without the starter motor.
  5. If the starter makes a loud noise when the motor starts, then the pinion clutch may be jamming and the engine is spinning the starter over. This can also happen if the ignition switch is faulty and doesn't return properly to the 'on' position. If not seen to straight away, THIS WILL DESTROY YOUR STARTER.

Hoping this is helpful.

Garth Bagnall

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