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Unique MGB

Passed WOF 9th June 2021, rego paid for 6 months.

This is a very unique MGB. I never thought I would sell this car, but separation from partner means I have to now.

I built this car in the Isle of Man in late 1998 using a brand new shell from British Motor Heritage, and used the old car as the donor.

The bodywork was done by a guy who was a coach builder at Rolls Royce. It's a Sebring style body (although the Sebrings were all hard tops, not a soft top like this), and the bonnet is MGC style.

The car was built to be a race car, for hill climbs and sprints in the Isle of Man. However it isn't a total race car, and it's a reasonable daily road car too (and very cool!)

Odometer reading is 33836, but it's fairly meaningless, as this motor was built from the ground up in 1998 by a guy who worked for Ferrari in Maranello. I have some photos of the engine undergoing rebuild. Engine is overbored to 1950cc, and much of the innards are Lotus. Long lift cam, balanced long centre manifold, SU's replaced with Webbers, etc. The car is 'lumpy' around town (sounds great though!) as it comes on the cam around 3,500rpm. Has overdrive, original flick switch on the dash.

Hood is quite new, about 5 years old, and a bit tight (just needs a bit of sun/heat to gently stretch the material).

There are a couple of maintenance jobs to do, namely 1. new wing mirror, 2. rear bumper and overrider (someone squashed into the back of me last year!), and top seam on rear left wing. Other than that, this car is great, and well maintained. I used as a daily driver in Auckland for a few years, but it's basically dry use for the last 10 years.

It's currently listed on Trademe:

$26,500 ono

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